Shanna McCullough Biography

BiographyShanna McCullough: AKA (Jill Sauna,Marcia Gray,Nichole Thomas,Nicole Thomas,Shana McCullah,Shana McCullough,Shana McKay,Shanan McCullough,Shanna McCollough,Shanna McCoullach,Shanna McCoulough,Shanna McCulloch,Shanna McCullogh,Shanna McCulough,Shannah McCoullough,Shannah McCullough,Shauna McCullough )
Birthday: April 1, 1960

Astrology: Aries
Birthplace: SF ,
Years Active: 1983- 2012
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Red
Measurements: 36C-25-36
Height: 168
Weight: 55
Tattoo: No
Piercing: No
Frequent partners: Billy Dee, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner, Nina Hartley, Tom Byron

Born  April 1, 1960 (age 54)
Other names  Shanna McCullogh, Nichole Thomas, Marcia Gray
Ethnicity  White
Height  5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
No. of adult films  398 plus 133 compilations

Shanna McCullough (born April 1, 1960) is an American pornographic actress.

She grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. At school she was involved with the theatre group, and acted in drama and musicals. She went to college and received a degree in accounting. Then she worked as an electrician for two years, and also as a veterinary technician. After starting to work in porn, she also performed as a dancer in nightclubs. During a break from the business she also worked as a stripper and went back to school to study zoology, with the aim of working in the animal health care field. In 1999 reported that Shanna was operating a website giving members 24 hour access to multiple webcams installed in her home. As of March 2009, the website appears to have ceased operating. In March 2008, she walked the Los Angeles Marathon. Dave Cummings has said Shanna was one of the actresses he most enjoyed working with.


Selected filmography

Tiger’s Got Wood (2009)
My Secret Life (2006)
Girls Who Cum Hard (2003)
Space Nuts(2003)
Girl show: The art of female masturbation (2002)
Speedway (1999)
Candy Stripers 5:The New Generation (1999)
Nurse Shanna (1997)
Erotic Pool party (1995)
Nymphette does Hollywood (1989)
My Bare Lady (1989)
KTSX 69 (1988)
Lust Connection (1988)
Prom Girls (1988)
WPINK-TV 3 (1986)


1988 AVN Award for Best Actress (Video) – Hands Off
1997 AVN Award for Best Supporting Actress (Film) – Bobby Sox
1999 AVN Award for Best Actress (Film) – Looker
2000 AVN Award for Best Supporting Actress (Video) – Double Feature
AVN Hall of Fame
XRCO Hall of Fame




Porn Star Shanna McCullough is a lusty redhead who parlayed her girl next door looks and fun-loving approach to sex into one of the most prolific and popular carnal careers of any female star ever. Shanna McCullough came to the porn world after a stint doing repertory theater in the San Francisco Bay Area, a gig that apparently didn’t satisfy all of her performing urges. Shanna McCullough was a supercharged sexual being who never backed down or quit until everyone on the set was totally drained.Shanna McCullough sported a thick mane of auburn hair that topped a shapely and lusciously breasty body. Her classic good looks combined with a fiery sexual intensity to make her one of the most desirable women in porn throughout the 80’s. Shanna McCullough loved to talk dirty and really rile up her partners before ultimately showing them all of her lusty tricks. Shanna McCullough sexed her way through over 200 sex flicks between 1982 and her 1989 retirement, appearing in some of the classics of 80’s erotica.Films like ‘Club Sex,’ ‘Let’s Get It On With Amber Lynn,’ and ‘Xstasy’ can all stand the test of time, in no small part because of the awesomely sensual Shanna McCullough. She recieved the 1987 AVN Best Actress Award for her sizzling work in ‘Hands Off,’ perhaps her career highlight. Shanna McCullough left the biz in 1989, but has returned every so often with another red hot sex scene. Shanna McCullough is a member of both the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame, and any one of her many sex romps will clearly show the uninitiated why.She received the award in 1988 from the Adult Video News for the movie ‘Hands Off,’.

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Vintage hairy porn pictures : Swedish Erotica Vol. 101

Vintage hairy porn pictures : Swedish Erotica Vol. 101

Debora Muniz in Vintage 80 porn

Debora Muniz in Vintage 80 porn

Name: Gozo Alucinante

Director: Jean Garrett

Duration: 90 min

Language: Portuguese

Year: 1985

Country: Brazil

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Actors: Jaime Cardoso,Oswaldo Cirillo,John Doo,Dalmo Peres,Genesio de Carvalho

Actress: Debora Muniz,Sandra Midori,Silvia Dumont,Sandra Yoko,Angelina Dumont,Cleuza Marques

Debora Muniz in Vintage 80 porn

From classy mansions to secluded villas with dirty strangers andhorny cult members, Debora Muniz stars as a lead actress in this Brazillian classic from the ’80s. Taken from the comfort of home, Debora experiences stranger probing, gangbang and hard fucking in a movie filled with gorgeous chicks, strange looking sex toys and machines for fucking that change her into a complete and total slut.


Sandy Pinney movies : “Ultimate Pleasure”

Name: Ultimate Pleasure

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Carlos Tobalina

Year: 1977

Duration: 61 min

Actress: Annette Haven,Candida Royalle,Sheba Silas,Sandy Pinney,Nina Fause,Vicky Lovelace,Yvonne Green,Iris Medina

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Hot group sex, an all-star cast, odd social commentary, and sex magic! A Las Vegas cab driver who is desperate to fuck his frigid wife hits the jackpot when a wounded fare leaves a suitcase of money in his cab. His wife visits a sex clinic where she daydreams of a five man cum bath with John Holmes and lesbian group sex, while the husband hires hooker Annette Haven and her two girlfriends to do a three girl show.


1970 vintage porn in “The Pig Keeper’s Daughter”

Name: The Pig Keeper’s Daughter

Director: Bethel Buckalew

Country: United States

Duration: 92 min

Language: English

Year: 1972

Actors: John Keith,Bruce Kimball,Nick Armmans,Paul Stanley,Peter James

Actress: Gina Paluzzi,Terry Gibson

Categories: 1970 vintage porn, 1972, United States, English, Bethel Buckalew, Gina Paluzzi, Terry Gibson, John Keith, Bruce Kimball, Nick Armmans, Paul Stanley, Peter James

Harry Novak, brings us a obscure but entertaining tale of the coming of age of a farmer’s daughter (Moonbean) a red-head, busty country bumpkin who is the town’s whore. She is constantly spied on by her younger girl Pretty Patty (Peggy Church) who masturbates after seeing her girl’s sexual encounters. The ladies in this movie are all on the voloptuos side, it is a soft core but in any decade it would have gotten an X-rating, the sex scenes are that explicit. The lucky guy is Jasper who gets to do all the ladies in the movie, including a hard to believe overdeveloped 15 year old hitchhiker, (who would make any guys quickie hall of fame). The movie has erotic moments, and is funny.


Porn sex vintage french porn movies : “Ricordi della California”

Name: Ricordi della California

Country: Italy

Director: Max Bellocchio

Year: 1992

Duration: 75 min

Language: French


Actress: Bunny Bleu,Lynn LeMay,Beatrice Valle,Carolyn Monroe,Sally Palmer

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Vintage hairy pussy pics – The Wild And The Innocent

Vintage hairy pussy pics – The Wild And The Innocent

Vintage italian xxx in “Il Pornopoker”

Name: Il Pornopoker

Language: Italian

Director: Riccardo Schicchi

Year: 1984

Country: Italy

Duration: 55 min

Actors: Christophe Clark,Gabriel Pontello

Categories: Vintage italian xxx, 1984, Italy, Italian, Riccardo Schicchi, Cicciolina, Ilona Staller, Mina Houghe, Marie-Chantal Trobert, Christophe Clark, Gabriel Pontello

Actress: Cicciolina,Ilona Staller,Mina Houghe,Marie-Chantal Trobert

Se ha desatado la guerra nuclear y la humanidad ha desaparecido. Cicciolina aparece en la cuarta dimension, semidesnuda y con la unica compania de una serpiente. Luego de introducirse parte del reptil en la vagina, descubre un libro que le propone recrear algun episodio de su vida. Es entonces que se convierte en el premio que se disputan unos jugadores de poker (uno de los cuales, es su marido). Endeble guion aunque hay un buen manejo de la camara especialmente en las tomas de sexo anal. Ademas, cuenta con un humor involuntario que matiza la sucesion de coitos. Un 2. Por Martin.


Dolores Manta ass in “Bourgeoises en chaleur”

Name: Bourgeoises en chaleur

Language: French

Duration: 66 min


Country: France

Year: 1977

Actress: Barbara Moose,Karine Gambier,Elisabeth Bure,Erika Cool,Liliane Lemieuvre,Veronique Maugarski,Ursula White,Dolores Manta,Evelyne Manta

Categories: Dolores Manta ass, 1977, France, French, Barbara Moose, Karine Gambier, Elisabeth Bure, Erika Cool, Liliane Lemieuvre, Veronique Maugarski, Ursula White, Dolores Manta, Evelyne Manta, Richard Lemieuvre, Gabriel Pontello, Gabriel Coez

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Gabriel Pontello,Gabriel Coez

The film opens with a 30-something brown-haired woman (Ursula White) approaching the door of a house, turning back and then summoning up the courage to go in. She looks as if she could be Erika Cools older girl, but does not have such a distinctive face. Dani?le Troeger is the maid who takes her coat. She is introduced to a 30-something woman (large-ish, upturned nose, Dolor?s Manta) who runs the establishment, and is shown a catalogue of men. She is then introduced to a near lookalike of Charlie Schreiner in the form of Gabriel Coez. He gives her a good time. We then see him giving a folder of documents to a mature blonde (Amanda) and asking her to sign them. Is she his boss in his day job? He then goes home and Liliane Lemieuvre passes him on the stairs – she must live in the apartment above. Then Erika Cool arrives and they have sex. It is unclear whether she is a client or an employee of the other side of the establishment. I suggest the last because there is then an abrupt cut to a scene by an indoor pool where Coez is receiving a massage from Elisabeth Bur? (in her brunette phase) while a couple of other girls, one being Erika Cool, frolic in the pool…


Jessica James ass – “Cybersex”

Name: Cybersex

Year: 1995

Duration: 80 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Brad Armstrong

Actors: Joey Silvera,Marc Wallace,Vince Vouyer,Hank Armstrong

Categories: Jessica James ass, 1995, United States, English, Brad Armstrong, Anna Malle, Jessica James, Crystal Gold, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallace, Vince Vouyer, Hank Armstrong, Facial, Anal

Actress: Anna Malle,Jessica James,Crystal Gold

Bill’s getting very involved with the Internet. Perhaps too involved. He falls for Traci23 and longs to meet her. But when he does she has a surprise for him. She’s really a cyborg in a lab! So Bill and Stewart do what any warm-ed American guys would. They free all the hot chick androids and spew all over their circuit boards!


Marita Ekberg : classic xxx pic

Marita Ekberg : classic xxx pic

Classic porn lesbian : “Valerie”

Name: Valerie

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1975

Duration: 60 min

Director: Steve Brown

Actors: Tyler Reynolds,David Brook,Mark Bolin

Actress: Cris Cassidy,Sharon Thorpe,Gina Nadeau,Clair James,Katrina Rexford

Categories: Classic porn lesbian, 1975, United States, English, Steve Brown, Cris Cassidy, Sharon Thorpe, Gina Nadeau, Clair James, Katrina Rexford, Tyler Reynolds, David Brook, Mark Bolin, Facial, Lesbian

No it’s not ki-ddie porn, but rather a superior example of the many hardcore films made in the ’70s titillating the viewer with young female leads portraying even younger characters. The ebullient Katrina Rexford in the title role of VALERIE is definitely possessed of a post-teen body, but her acting keeps up the desired illusion. Talented filmmaker Summer Brown, whose Abigail Clayton vehicle DIXIE is still quite fondly remembered (and in circulation), emphasizes comedy here, but with Rexford’s help still delivers the requisite sex tease/fulfillment. Episodic format works very well: Valerie is a in need of a foster home. Every time she is placed, matters get messed up comically -CUT to Valerie back at the facility, looking forlorn like a puppy awaiting a new owner. Her first mishap is placement with the Fettuccini family, where daddy is having sex with her predecessor, a bustyblonde named Maggie. Maggie is a bad influence on Valerie, teaching her how to use an immense dildo, and when mum catches Valerie masturbating with it, it’s back to the foundling home. Next sequence has her adopted by Mrs. Kelly, and attending a birthday party with other young girls, entertained by a professional clown. This is a bizarre segment, as the clown is mighty weird, doing Tricky Dick Nixon and John Wayne impressions (!) prior to a game of hide & seek where Valerie wins and gets deflowered by said clown. Mrs. Kelly catches them, and that’s it for Val. Her next home is with a golddigger who wants her to help take care of her 76-year-old husband, wheelchair bound. This is even more tasteless than the clown episode, as the horny old guy plus 15-year-old girl formula is definitely non-p.c. He finally gets Val to strip for him, cueing a predictable heart attack (but he’s a pauper so wifey is not too thrilled at this conclusion after all). Finally the Fettuccinis give Val one last try after Maggie’s flown the coop, with predictable results. Thanks to Rexford’s destroyer body and clever direction, plus more enthusiastic acting than usual in porn, VALERIE is a winner.